BEC Equipment prides themselves in providing a wide range of both commercial and industrial boiler systems for all customers.

These boiler system options include the following: fire tube, vertical tubeless, water tube, firebox, solid fuel fired, waste heat, steam generators, electric boiler systems and cast-iron sectional boilers.

Multiple boiler system models have a low NOx or ultra-low NOx options in order to pass emissions requirements.

High Efficiency Product Line

MPC (Multi-Pass Commercial)
Oil, Gas, Gas/Oil Fired, Water Only
500 to 3,600 MBH Input
Up to 89% Efficient
Built-In Thermal Shock Protection
MPC (Multi-Pass Commercial) Package Boiler Brochure (PDF)

Series 3 and 4S High- or Low- Pressure Steam Boilers
Condensing Available for Hot Water Boilers
Initial Purchase Payback In as Little as 6 Months
Non-Condensing Economizer Shown
Low Flue Side Pressure Drop Minimizes Burner Motor HP
Increase Overall Efficiency by 3% – 6%, Saving Thousands of Dollars in Annual Fuel Bills
Series 3 Packaged Firetube Boiler Brochure (PDF)
Series 4S 4-Pass Waterback Scotch Boiler Brochure (PDF)

C Series Compact Package Boiler
High Efficiency 20 – 200 BHP ASME
Section I And IV Ideal For Brewery Applications
C Series Compact Package Boiler Brochure (PDF)

Atmospheric Product Line

8H/8HE Atmospheric Boiler
Atmospheric Vent
Cast Iron Gas Fired Commercial Water Boiler
252 – 505 MBH input
80–82% Thermal Efficiency
30 or 50 psi
Modular/Multiple Boiler Applications
Series 8H/8HE Boiler Brochure (PDF)

Series 5B Atmospheric Boiler
Natural or LP Gas Steam
401 to 1,950 MBH Input
Atmospheric Draft
Cast Iron Sectional Design
Knockdown or Assembled Sections
Series 5B Boiler Brochure (PDF)

Series 4N Atmospheric Boiler
Three-Pass Firebox Design
Compact 15 PSI Steam, 30 Or 60 PSI Water
150 PSI Steam
Solid Fuel Firing
Series 4N Boiler Brochure (PDF)

Forced Draft Product Line

V9A boiler
Oil, Gas or Gas/Oil Fired
Water or Steam Trim
447 to 2,367 MBH (3.1 to 16.4 GPH)
Forced Draft
Top or Rear Flue Outlet
Available as Knockdown, Assembled Sections, Packaged, and Factory Firetested
V9A Series Boiler (PDF)

V11H boiler
Oil, Gas or Gas/Oil Combination
Water or Steam
837 to 5,733 MBH Input
(5.8 to 40.0 GPH)
Forced Draft
5 Burner Manufacturers
V11H Series Boiler (PDF)

Low NOx boiler
Large Furnaces for Low Volumetric Release Rates
High Heat Transfer for the Most Efficient Boiler for Your Application
Top or Rear Flue Outlet
Less Burner Motor Horsepower So Less Energy is Used to Operate Your Boiler

Shock Proof Boiler Package
Eliminate any thermal shock concerns with our Series 3-SP Shock-Proof hot water boiler package
High Steam Space Volume Can Easily Accommodate Coils Larger in Capacity Than Anyone Else
Series 3 Wetback Design and Low Volumetric Furnace Release Rates Allow Easy Firing and a Prolonged Boiler Life
The Specially Designed Heat Exchanger Tubes are Highly Resistant to Corrosion and Erosion


3 and 4 Pass Boilers
available up to 250 HP
3 and 4 Pass Boilers Brochure (PDF)

XID Scotch Marine Boiler
available up to 1,500 HP
XID Scotch Marine Boiler Brochure (PDF)

309 Series Boiler
available up to 250 HP
309 Series Boiler Brochure (PDF)

WHR Series Boiler
WHR Series Boiler Brochure (PDF)

4-Pass Steam Packaged Firetube Boiler
4-Pass Steam Packaged Firetube Boiler Brochure (PDF)



Series HF/HW Boiler
Sizes from 15 to 200 HP
Series HF/HW Boiler Brochure (PDF)

Series VW Boiler Direct Hydronic Boilers
Sizes from 165 to 2750 MBH
Series VW Boiler Brochure (PDF)


101 Series U-Drum 9.5-22 H.P.
Sizes from 9.5 to 22 HP
101 Series 9.5 TO 22 H.P. Brochure (PDF)

102 Series 1.5-3 H.P. Parkerette
Sizes from 1 1/2 to 3 HP
102 Series 1.5-3 H.P. Brochure (PDF)

103 Series H-Drum 7-25 H.P.
Sizes from 7 to 25 HP Gas Fired
103 Series H-Drum 7-25 H.P. Brochure (PDF)

104 Series H-Drum 30-50 H.P.
Sizes from 30 to 50 HP
104 Series 30-50 H.P. Brochure (PDF)

105 Series H-Drum 70-150 H.P.
Sizes from 70 to 150 HP
105 Series 70-150 H.P. Brochure (PDF)