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In conjunction with ASHRAE, Boiler Equipment Company (BEC) hosted a meeting for STEM Scouts of America

 STEM Scouts visited Boiler Equipment Company’s (BEC) Lombard headquarters on (Saturday Oct 27th) to learn about the importance of science and technology in today’s industry… (MORE INFO) STEM Scouts re-imagines creative ways to learn about science, technology, engineering and math. Kids interact with professionals to learn about a particular STEM topic and problem-solve in unique ways.  During this meeting, the kids learned about simple circuits, servo motors and how to program.  We finished by building a burglar alarm that would go off if anyone came near Sadie (the beloved inflatable unicorn). STEM Scouts is a nationally recognized organization

 About STEM Scouts of America

 Using experiential activities and interaction with STEM professionals, the goal of the STEM Scouts program is to help young people grow in character and skills as they explore their curiosity about STEM fields. It is hoped that their growing knowledge will translate into the STEM-related careers that are so crucial to our country’s future economy. While the program focuses on future careers in STEM, it is ultimately designed to be challenging, thought-provoking and, most importantly, fun.



Boiler Equipment Company (BEC) has added Ford F250 XLT 4×4’s with SpaceKaps to our fleet of service vehicles.

Not only will they provide
reliability, safety and comfort for our technicians. BEC will have plenty of room for stock parts for quick repairs, replacements and retrofits.